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Is Stick and Poke Tattooing Safe?

Posted on March 04 2019

Here at Single Needle, ever since we first started selling our kits, we were confident that the products that we produce are safe. The knowledge that many people across the globe were keen to experience a do it yourself tattoo has been clear to us for a long time, with the result often being the use of a sewing needle and India ink due to the lacklustre availability of professional stick and poke equipment. We knew that it was necessary to provide a quality and reliable source of proficient stick and poke tattoo tools.

Having spent many years in an around the niche market of tattooing, speaking to hundreds of clients, health professionals and professional tattoo artists, we achieved the confidence to say that Single Needle would be able to provide a hygienic stick and poke kit that would allow anyone to give themselves a homemade tattoo without any infection or risk. In fact, once we understood how safe these tattoos can actually be, we were of no surprise to the fact that ancient civilisations had such a prominent tattoo culture.

When we were initially constructing our first stick and poke kits, the most important aspect on our minds were that they were completely hygienic. It is important to remember that although up until the point of use everything can be sterile, it will be impossible to maintain that throughout the tattoo process. The term sterile means the absence of bacteria or all living things and since bacteria is everywhere, sterile things will only ever last for about a second or so once opened to a non-sterile environment. Therefore, it is impossible to completely avoid during the tattooing process.

It is a solid fact that tattoo parlours are required to be much more cautious to ensure that their space is kept clean, in fact they must take much more care than a DIY home tattoo artist. The main reason for this is that professional tattoo parlours have different customers constantly coming in and out all of the time, whereas home tattooing will often have a very limited range of variables. In a tattoo parlour, many bloods and fluids can be potentially smeared or shared onto the equipment. Although the risk is low, there is a small possibility that this could contain HIV or Hepatitis C. HIV can survive 4 days inside a dried smear of blood. In your home on the other hand, there are significantly fewer strangers blood anywhere.

As a result of this, any serious blood born pathogens are not of any primary concern to someone using a stick and poke kit at home. Instead the only real worry for this method of tattooing is either infection or reactions. Any infection, for a hand poke tattoo that has been performed effectively, is severely unlikely. A reaction on the other hand, mostly depends on the type of ink used and the individual’s sensitivity to the tattoo.

When tattooing, the tattoo needle does not go through the skin, only slightly into it. A small poked tattoo is in no way a major injury to the body, if you are even slightly careful then you are incredibly likely to cause no real injury. Your skin is incredibly durable. Have you ever fallen over and skinned your knee? Received any cuts or scrapes? Any healthy individual will almost always heal from any of these minor skin injuries. There is nothing to worry about with regards to the injuries you will receive from stick and poke tattooing.

One of the few yet incredibly significant risks, is the sharing of needles and ink supplies. It is crucial that you DO NOT ever share tattoo needles or pots of ink, this can lead to HIV, Hepatitis C, Hepatitis B etc. DO NOT cross-contaminate, hygiene is of upmost important in the world of stick and poke.


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