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Design & Placement

Posted on September 03 2018

Prior preparation prevents poor performance. In the case of stick and poke tattoos, this phrase can appropriately be applied to the required care needed when deciding and creating a tattoo design. Sketching out the design prior to the application is a crucial part of the process. There are a small range of methods to do this.


Perfecting the Placement

It is important to remember that tattoos are permanent, even stick and poke ones! This means that you should take great consideration towards the location of your tattoo. It is also very important that you do not stick and poke close to any sores, abrasion or a moles. This is both because tattoos will heal badly over damaged skin, and because moles need to be observable so to note changes & abnormalities. 


Deliberating a Design

When putting thought toward the design itself, you should be confident that it is something you will be able to replicate easily using line drawings and a needle. If you are suffering from a shortage of ideas, why not explore the @singleneedletattoo Instagram page for inspiration. Remember, do not commit to anything unless you truly love the design!

Freehand Stencil Making

One option is to trace the design directly onto the area that is intending to be tattooed. This can be done with any regular pen; however, we strongly advise against this. Regular pens are nowhere near as hygienic as professional tattoo pens and therefore can increase the risk of infection. We strongly recommend purchasing a professional tattoo pen. For hygienic purposes, you should use each pen only once, furthermore you should never use the same pen across different people as this is also correlated with an increased risk of infection.

Carbon Paper Stencil Making

Another technique that is more commonly used amongst the further experience hand poke artists, is the method of stencil paper, tracing paper tattoo stencil solution. The use of this technique is a fantastic way to increase the quality and consistency of your tattoo design. One of the major perks about this method is that when applied properly, it causes the tracing to remain on the skin even after being wiped. This is ideal when using stick and poke as you are required to frequently wipe the excess ink away as you progress.

Once you are in possession of the correct DIY tattoo equipment, or have purchased a Single Needle tattoo kit, you are ready to begin tattooing. For the safest and most successful results, you should use the step by step instructions provided in all Single Needle Hand Poke Tattoo Kits. 


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