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Stick & Poke Essential Equipment

Posted on March 30 2020

Stick and Poke Essential Equipment
A number of health and safety risks are presented when it comes to stick and poke tattooing, however these can be easily combated when countered with use of the correct equipment.

The process of hand poke tattooing is made considerably easier when you have the correct equipment at your disposal. Using the right quality tools in the correct manner will largely improve the resulting tattoo and also reduce the possibility of mistakes or infection. Although the average pricing for each of the individual pieces of equipment is not too high, more often than not these instruments are sold in bulk as opposed to being sold individually. Consequentially, this makes it less affordable to assemble the correct equipment for stick and poke tattooing. Fortunately, we supply a cost-effective range of stick and poke tattoo kits, all with high quality and professional equipment.

The following is a list of essential tools to perform stick and poke tattoos:

Sterile Tattoo Needles

These are almost impossible to buy individually in most cases, especially if you are looking to purchase them from a professional, high quality tattoo brand. The needle itself is large enough to not require any support, however you can use a grip or tongue depressor with a surgical paper tape to provide additional grip, should you require it. 

Tattoo needles come in a range of sizes and groupings. For more information, check our out page 'Tattoo Needles'

Tattoo Ink

The use of a professional, pre-approved tattoo ink such as 'Stick & Poke Tattoo Ink' when intending to stick and poke is fundamental. Not only will the tattoo have a reduced risk of infection, it will also improve the quality and longevity of it.

Professional tattoo ink can be purchased here 'Tattoo Ink'.

Historically, India Ink was used for hand poke tattooing. Not only can be almost as expensive as professional tattoo ink, it can lead to unwanted infections and potentially fatal illness.

Medical Exam Gloves

With regards to hand protection, there are plethora of options. You should take into account the possibility of allergies when purchasing gloves. Choices include vinyl, latex or powder free nitrile gloves. These are all viable options; however, it is mandatory that they are sterile. 

Ink Cups

Ink cups are containers used to hold ink when tattooing. Decanting ink from a larger bottle, prevents cross contamination and makes accessing ink during tattooing easy. Here at Single Needle, we include stand alone ink cups in all our kits! These are premium ink cups that reduce the chance of spillage. 

Medical Surface Cover

Medical surface coverings are perfect for creating a sterile environment in which to operate from. Surface dressing use a paper surface to absorb fluids, and a plastic base to prevent damage to the base surface. These all included in all Single Needle Hand Poke Tattoo Kits.

Alcohol Preparation Pads

These are essential to sanitising the area which you plan to place your stick and poke tattoo. Without the use of these, there is a high risk of infection. These are included in all Single Needle Hand Poke Tattoo Kits. 

Which Hazel Wipes

These are used throughout the tattooing process to wipe away excess ink. It is very important that these are kept sterile as it can lead to infection. The which Hazel infusion also calms swelling and soothes the skin during tattooing. These are included in all Single Needle Hand Poke Tattoo Kits. 

Fresh Disposable Razor

Shaving the area that you intend to tattoo is essentially if it is hairy, as this can interfere with the design and increase the risk of infection. You must ensure that the razor is unused before shaving. We recommend surgical razors that can be found here.  

Disposable Sharps Container

This is required to throw the needles away into. It offers a safe and effective method of disposing of your sharps that also complies with EU laws. A range of Sharps Bins can be found here. 


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