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Poke Technique

Posted on September 04 2019

Precise Poking

The use of a certified, sterile professional tattoo needle is very important. In comparison to the poorly designed and packaged made-in-chine needles that are often found on sites such as Amazon, professional needles carry little to no risk in terms of infection. When removing the needle in preparation for use, ensure you do not prick yourself with the sharp tip.

1. Dip the sharp end of the tattoo needle into the ink you wish to use first. Only a small amount of ink should remain on the outer layer of the needle. You are now ready to begin poking the needle into the skin and creating the tattoo.

2. Using the sharp end of the needle, begin to poke the skin. You should initially poke repetitively and with very low pressure, wiping away excess ink as you go with a tattoo wipe. You are aiming to penetrate only the top few layers of skin. If you begin to draw blood then it means you are pushing too deep, the remedy for which is to apply less force.

3. After you have completed the general outline of your design, begin to work your way inwards and progress towards the completion of the tattoo. Throughout the application of the tattoo, it is crucial that you do not come into contact with anything else with your gloved hands as this can lead to infection.

Do’s and Don’ts


  • - Ensure that you thoroughly wash your hands with soap and hot water, taking great before you begin the tattooing process.
  • - Ensure the use of disposable ink caps when dipping needles into ink, the needles should never be dipped directly into ink bottles.
  • - Provide each new ink that you use with a new ink cap.
  • - Make use of hand sanitizer and a change of gloves if you stop tattooing to do something else. Always keep things clean.
  • - Use clean wooden lollipop sticks to use and apply gel or creams from containers.
  • - Obtain a secure, puncture-resistant, biohazard container for the disposal of your used needles.


  • -  Put needles directly into your ink bottles. Always make sure that you use the disposable ink caps for each individual usage. 
  • - Reuse tattoo needles. All needles used must be new and sterile and immediately thrown away after use. 
  • - Reuse tattoo equipment. 


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